Medi Facials


CooLifting® futuristic technology is here. It is a simple, fast and effective treatment that introduces a new anti-aging concept. It reaches spectacular results using a unique, innovative, non-invasive and effective device to fight wrinkles and help facial rejuvenating. The Coolifting® gun works by firing a powerful CO2 flow into the tissues combined with a very high concentration of sprayed actives at a very high pressure and low temperature.

CooLifting® treatment generates a double effect. The first effect, immediate results (lifting), smoothen the skin while superficial and deep wrinkles are eliminated. The second effect, lasting results (rejuvenating), see intense stimulation of collagen and elastin, dermis regeneration and improvement of skin texture and quality achieved. The cold CO2 is expelled with the sprayed active and a high application pressure. Treatment can be a stand alone or as an add on, for a special occasion or a truly hydrating experience after a long flight, illness or neglect. A course of 6-8 treatments is recommended over 3-4 weeks.


Coolifting Face 30 min | $175
Coolifting Face and Neck 45 min | $275
Coolifting Face only with Facial 1 h | $250
Coolifting Face and Neck with Facial  90 min | $350

The Coolifting Facial combines the best of both worlds with the luxury of a facial comprising of Microdermabrasion, a mild skin peel to exfoliate dry skin cells and allow for greater effect from the Coolifting effect. The facial is then combined with a luxurious face and décolletage massage – the results and feeling are divine!


Experience a prescribed treatment for your skin and specific conditions. Incorporating exfoliation, hydration, peptides and relaxing and therapeutic massage techniques, complete with a peptide mask or firming and tightening enzyme.

1 h 25 min | $175


Experience an individualised treatment for your skin and specific areas of concern. From deep cleansing exfoliation, hydration, peptides to relaxing and therapeutic massage techniques and masques, you will be prescribed techniques to suit your skin and/or condition.

1hr | $110


This facial delivers a boost of oxygen to the skin while also softening, soothing, clarifing and purifing. A great starter facial for a full complete treatment that helps to lighten pigmentation, target problem skin and increases circulation perfect for sluggish complexions.

1hr 10min | $125


A calming, restorative and hydrating treatment with the ability to reduce redness by up to 30% and recovery time post Dermal procedures such as CIT. Has a Botox type like effect, reduces muscle contraction & decreases signs of ageing especially the eyes.

45min | $90


A great start to rebalance a dehydrated skin and the party “pick-me-up” Facial
This revitalizing treatment will promote a healthy balanced skin by gently exfoliating away the dead skin, restore all skin layers and reinforce a natural vitality leaving a soft and lusciously hydrated skin.
Containing active enzymes and matrixyl to promote collagen synthesis your skin will be left with a visible lift and will feel completely rejuvenated. This treatment has no time and is perfect for on the day Bride or Brides Mother.

1 hour 20min Face Only | $150
1 hour 45min Face, Neck and Décolletage | $210
10 mins Add on Skin Re-surfacing Peel | $50
20 mins Add on Medical LED | $40


Suitable for the skin’s requirements, skin will have an immediate glow and refined texture a great pick me up for when you’ve been neglecting your skin

45 min | $95

DIAMOND MICRODERMABRASION Face and Neck combined with a skin peel LED

Suitable for the skin’s requirements will boost results skin will have an immediate glow and refined texture. This superior method of abrading the top layers of the skin will smooth the skin and give the skin a vibrant glow. Excellent at reducing blackheads, open pores and pigmentation. Scarring and dull skin is improved. Perfect for face and body imperfections, spots, stretch marks etc. The unique choice of skin peels are incorporated to rejuvenate, hydrate, exfoliate or remove blemishes. To complete the treatment a choice of either relaxing hydrating combinations of massage and masks or use the technology of Medical Grade LED to aid rejuvenation and healing.

Normally: $175 Offer: $160


Are you fed-up with acne or blackheads on your back or arms then we have a solution. We can personalise a treatment to help repair and stabilise the skin from producing too many oils and spots. Salicylic acid unplugs dead skin cells and built-up oils that can cause acne blemishes and is a perfect solution. In this treatment we will help unplug the blackheads and remove. TheSalicylic acid has the abilities to exfoliate skin cells through disrupting intercellular connections. This is known as a desmolytic effect. Salicylic acid also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, so skin will look clearer and less red.

1 hour | $120


The Hollywood Facial is perfect if you want to see an immediate improvement in your skin but without any downtime. If you want a bit of high tech but also pampering luxury. Your skin looks even toned, deeply hydrated, glowing and healthy. This treatment is ideal for clients who want to have an advanced facial without any discomfort. After a medical skin peel the gentle BBL is pulsed all over the face to stimulate collagen production, improve cellular activity and soothe and calm the skin. Deeply luxurious hydrating massage is performed with peptides to revitalise the skin and final mask to add hydration. You’ll leave the clinic with a glowing, dewy complexion you could only dream of.

1 hour 30 min | $250


Are you short of time and want an all-in-one treatment to improve your skin concerns. Perhaps you are travelling to Perth and want to make the most of your time here, then this solution of treating the skin with 5 different protocols in 1 session might be for you. This is not for the faint hearted. If you are looking for a long term solution to your ageing skin, sun damage, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles, and have loss of tone, then this is for you. After a thorough consultation preferably at least 1 day prior, (when we will patch test your resilience to treatment) we will start with part of the Fotofacial treatment, which uses impulses of light to target vascular (redness or veins) and pigmentation skin tone concerns. Following with Fractionated Radio Frequency with Microneedling and infusion of da Vinci Growth factors. Similar to PRP. These growth factors will help to speed up the recovery time) Then The Societe Peptide mask to reduce Inflammation and redness and Medical Grade LED. This advanced protocol, researched by NBSKIN allows your skin to be rejuvenated, sculpted, giving you noticeably younger, clearer, tighter skin.

Depending upon the level of damage in your skin you will have some discomfort during the treatment which we will discuss at your consultation, but the use of anaesthetic cream is recommended. The recovery time will also depend on many factors, but you can expect, some temporary swelling, darkening of pigmentation, and marks on the skin. These may last from days to a week or longer but after the first day make up may be applied to cover them up. Avoidance of sunlight is imperative and you cannot have treatment if you have a tan or self tan on your skin.

Course of 3 pre paid 4th treatment is free. Recommended 4 weeks apart

1 hour 45min Face $700
2 hours 15min Face and Neck $900
2 hours 45min hours add 3rd area Dec or Hands $100

This treatment is perfect for anyone who is considering the HIFU treatment but that has a lot of damage or lines and wrinkles in the skin. The HIFU will lift and tighten the tissue at a deeper depth, improving shape of the face but this treatment will help with every other ageing concern. Either Pre or post HIFU treatment but at least 4 weeks in between.