cosmelan® is the world’s leading professional depigmentation treatment.

Used across over 1 million patients worldwide, Cosmelan is an effective solution in treating blemishes and pigmentation caused by genetics, pregnancy, contraception or menopause in order to restore radiant, clear and even skin. The treatment can be tailored for both short and long term results in order to maintain control on the most severe and stubborn spots.

This is an excellent treatment for those who have struggled with sun damage within the skin in the form of excess spotting, as well as those who have active age spots. Your skin will look noticeably clearer and brighter in no time.



Treats Melasma, sun damage, age spots


Improves the appearance of uneven skin tone


Visibly brighten dull complexions

How it works

Through the use of active ingredients that target every page of spot formation, the treatment corrects and regulates the discolouration and pigment within the skin. The treatment works through four main actions:

  1. By targeting and speeding up epidermis renewal, the treatment removes any excess of melanin that has accumulated.
  2. By correcting the intense spots where melanin has formed
  3. By targeting the deeper layers of the skin and the melanocytes
  4. Blocking melanin transfers from the melanocyte to the upper most layer of the skin.

Before and After