HIFU by NBSkin – The painless, non-surgical facelift.

We are the only Clinic in WA to offer this new, breakthrough HIFU technology | Far more advanced than traditional HIFU!


This miracle of rejuvenation treatment will recapture those youthful contours, reverse the visible signs of ageing and gradually strengthen and tone your skin from within. HIFU is significantly different than other traditional laser or light pulse techniques. It is considered one of the safest skin-lifting solutions as it protects the surface of your skin, whilst precisely penetrating the skin at deeper levels, thus reversing skin sagging.


Advanced High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology delivers precise and fractional ultrasound energy from 1.5mm through to 4.5mm in 0.5mm increments of the SMAS layer of the skin, without damaging or disrupting the epidermal tissue. The SMAS layer is the layer that a surgeon lifts in a face-lift. HIFU is non-surgical, has no downtime and is rated by “realself” as one of the most effective treatments for tightening. Body treatments work up to 16mm in depth to remove unwanted fat and lift and tighten skin.

HIFU by NBSkin is a targeted ultrasound wave treatment that is able to rejuvenate deep layers of tissue, in turn causing cellular turnover and collagen production as well as having a lifting effect on sagging skin.

Its technology uses concentrated multiple intersecting beams of ultrasound precisely on a target point deep in the skin. As the beams pass through, it has no effect, however, when they reached the desired focal point, it has a localised thermal effect. This thermal effect stimulates a natural reaction for the body to create more collagen. The treatment does not involve any injections of filler or toxins and only encourages the body to recreate its once-lost collagen.

Traditional HIFU had a limit on the depths of the skin tissue it could reach, leaving gaps of depths untreated. Although for many people the traditional HIFU had fantastic results, HIFU by NBSkin uses new advanced technology that allows the ultrasound waves to reach each layer of the skin at 0.5mm increments. This new technology means more customisable treatments for each individual patient, leading to better long-lasting results.

While HIFU by NKSkin can have dramatic lifting results, It is not a direct alternative for a facelift. However, it is an incredible option for those who don’t want to undergo surgery.

At NBSkin we offer two types of HIFU, Glow and Ultimate. The difference between these treatments is the depth at which the ultrasound waves work.


Our HIFU Ultimate treatment works deep into the SMAS layer of the skin, as deep as where a surgical facelift would occur. This treatment works to reshape and lift the skin and tissue. This will have the most dramatic impact on a patient and will last up to 12 months depending on the patient’s chronological age, skin regime and health and lifestyle issues.  We recommend this treatment for patients who are experiencing skin laxity issues, deep wrinkles, and a loss of collagen.
Our HIFU Glow treatment, while does not work as deep as our HIFU Ultimate, induces collagen production in the skin, which improves fine lines, and refines skin texture. This treatment can be expected to last 3-4 months, we recommend this for younger patients who don’t yet have significant skin laxity (sagging) issues. Our Glow treatment is also excellent as a boost to clients who have had an ultimate treatment.

HIFU by NBSkin is painless. Patients who have previously had traditional forms of HIFU might remember discomfort during treatments, however with the new technology you can expect to feel no pain. You will feel the device move over your skin, with a warming effect at precise points, this is a positive and temporary signal that the collagen-building process has been initiated.

This depends on the area being treated, however, on average, the treatment will take 50 minutes. We can treat just the face, just the neck or the face, neck, and, decolletage.

Often described as a lunchtime facial, there is minimum recovery from this treatment. Patients with sensitive skin may have some redness, however, the majority of people experience no symptoms post-treatment, other than the desired lifting and anti-aging results. Many clients say that they can feel the tightening of the treatment of straight away, which to some way feel a little strange.

Yes, this treatment is TGA approved and completely safe. The HIFU procedure has been used safely in over 450,000 treatments worldwide, while ultrasound energy itself has been used safely in the medical field for 50 years.

We recommend waiting 2 weeks following your wrinkle relaxers or fillers before getting any HIFU treatment.

Before & After HIFU Treatment


HIFU Treatments Perth – Improve Skin Texture Immediately

Most faces require only one HIFU treatment. However, this is based on the degree of skin laxity, the biological response to ultrasound energy and the individual’s collagen-building process, some clients may benefit from additional treatments. Because skin continues to age, future touch-up treatments can help clients keep pace with the body’s natural ageing process. Although results will vary from client to client, some changes can be seen immediately, however gradual lifting and improvement will be seen over a 4-12 week period.

There are 2 types of Facial HIFU treatments: Ultimate and Glow.


Complete treatment working on Forehead, eyes, including eye lift, eye bags, lips wrinkles, face, jawline, chin and neck.


This full treatment works on eyes, eye lift, face, jawline, chin, & neck.
HIFU Ultimate is designed for deeper ageing concerns and older clients so anywhere from 40/45+ to 80+. HIFU Ultimate can take 5-10 years off your face. Ultimate also offers longer lasting results and a deeper tighter lift. It’s designed for deeper ageing concerns in particular drooping sagging jawlines to double chins and neck ageing.