IPL, SHR (super hair removal), Electrolysis, Hair V Go
with NBSKIN you have every option available.

We offer both SHR ( Super Hair Removal ) and IPL treatments using the latest TGA Medically approved technology.

SHR-SUPER HAIR REMOVAL, is ULTRA FAST and painless. Our Medically classed TGA approved machine will efficiently remove unwanted hair from any part of the face and body. SHR, with RF is the latest and most advanced form of hair removal using Intense Pulsed light with Xenon flash lamps.

SHR hair removal is PAINLESS this has a great advantage over other methods for sensitive patients.

Nuala launched IPL hair removal in London in the ’90’s and has treated 1000’s of satisfied clients. SHR has surprising flexibility and comfort. Procedures commence with a free consultation at this time the areas will be priced. SHR treatments can be taken when you have tanned skin so gives amazing flexibility to have hair free skin all year round.


We offer discounts for pre paid courses and up to 50% off your third treatment area (cheapest area is discounted)


Electrolysis offers permanent hair removal with a series of treatments. Used all over the face and body but ideal for small areas like top lip or hair resistant to laser treatments, like white hair. Also suitable when precision removal of hair is required. Prices start from $45 per session​

Hair V Go ( see separate page)

Hair V Go will remove downy or vellus hair and over a course of treatments less hair will grow back. The “no-laser, no-razor” approach to treating unwanted facial hair!

To decide upon which treatment is most suitable for you, we offer FREE Consultations on all aspects of Skin Concerns and Hair removal


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