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Miss Vitality’s Elevate is a nutritional antioxidant containing essential Organic Green and Red Phytonutrients for health and vitality from the inside out.

  • Contains organic super foods to reduce acidity in the body
  • Synergistic combination of nature’s phytonutrients, extra vitamins, minerals, herbs and enzymes
  • Increases absorption and high in antioxidants
  • Assists with gut health and integrity

Key Ingredients:

  • Beetroot juice powder
  • barley grass extract
  • spirulina powder
  • chlorella powder extract
  • kale powder
  • spinach powder
  • alfalfa powder
  • wheatgrass juice powder
  • piperine
  • kelp powder
  • withania somnifera root powder (Indian Ginseng)
  • rosehip powder
  • olive leaf powder
  • slippery elm bark powder
  • acai berry powder
  • pomegranate juice powder
  • natural vanilla flavor
  • stevia
  • pectin