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IPL, BBL & SHR Treatment Information

BBL (Broadband Light) treatment is a concentrated pulsating light that visibly reduces the signs of skin aging in a safe, natural way. Backed by photographic evidence, BBL significantly reduces the signs of ageing and most importantly delays the progressive aging of the skin. 

BBL treatments rejuvenate the skin’s genes by resetting them to function more youthfully. The result is the skins immediate improvement with long lasting results and on-going benefits of healthy vital skin.

BBL technology has been studied by medical researchers using the method of comparing ‘before and after images’ of volunteers in the forty to fifty age bracket, the age that generally shows visibly signs of ageing.

Each volunteer was given BBL treatments annually for an average of 9 years.  The results were surprising; Although treated skin actually aged a median of 9 years, participants appeared to have aged a median of 2 years. Results from our study indicate that patients who maintain a regular annual or biannual regimen of BBL treatments.... can reduce and delay the long-term signs of skin aging such as photodamage, telangiectasia, fine lines and wrinkles, and skin laxity in a natural-looking way.

Furthermore research at Stanford University and published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology showed that BBL treatment can restore aged skin’s gene pattern to resemble younger skin. In addition the result showed a creamier appearance, an unexpected bonus.


BBL & IPL Treatments Perth

We describe to patients that the treatment results in the skin looking “creamier and younger.” We knew the energy of the light was targeting and reducing brown age spots from sun damage and red “broken capillaries” from rosacea and sun damage, but the “creamier” part we couldn’t quite explain.

With IPL, you treat an entire skin area, such as the face, neck and chest. In addition to colour issues improving, we saw that actual fine skin texture and youthful appearance was softer and more luminous overall Inflammation like facial seborrhea and redness from rosacea and sun damage are also stopped for months after a procedure. Skin is less inflamed, and it radiates a luminous “creamy and velvety” vitality that is much more than removal of brown sun spots and red “broken” capillaries.


How do you get the IPL (BBL) “Magic”?

In order for the BBL treatment to be effective, you have to have an initial series to “load” the technology’s impact into your skin.

Protocols: This means 3-5 treatments at monthly intervals. Then, we recommend 1-2 treatments a year, either spaced out at about 6 months or back to back a month apart.

Most patients are surprised that BBL treatment does NOT feel like IPL and only feels like a warm glow to the skin.


​Although BBL technology has been harnessed for its ability to produce a more clinically “youthful” appearance, our study suggests that “rejuvenation” at a molecular level has also occurred, with a number of genes linked to the aging process being altered in expression after treatment to more closely resemble young skin. Hence, it is possible that the clinical phenotype represents a functional rejuvenation....... rather than just a cosmetic mimic of youthful appearance. (1.)


​The list of skin conditions that can be improved with these modalities are endless: 


  • ​ROSACEA      



  •  SUN SPOTS    





  • ACNE  



Nuala has appeared on Television programmes (BBC) speaking as a hair removal and skin care specialist. She been featured in many articles and magazines, Vogue, Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, The Sunday Times, TelegraphBBC, to name a few.




​We offer both SHR ( Super Hair Removal ) and IPL treatments using the latest TGA Medically approved technology. 

SHR-SUPER HAIR REMOVAL, is ULTRA FAST and painless. Our Medically classed TGA approved machine will efficiently remove unwanted hair from any part of the face and body. SHR, with RF is the latest and most advanced form of hair removal using Intense Pulsed light with Xenon flash lamps.

This PAINLESS method of removal has also the potential to remove even light coloured and textured hair. SHR has the potential for UP TO 50% HAIR REMOVAL FROM THE FIRST session.

Nuala launched IPL hair removal in London in the '90's and has treated 1000's of satisfied clients. SHR has surprising flexibility and comfort. Procedures commence with a free consultation at this time the areas will be priced. 

When considering hair removal it is important to get it right the first time. Effective treatment is both dependent upon first class technology and operator sensitive. I have seen many cases where poor procedure has left either scarring or more importantly NOT removed the hair successfully.

If treatment seems cheap then it probably being performed by cheaper non Medically classed technology and may only reduce or thining hair out, which is not they way the treatment is designed to work. This is an investment, so make sure you first stop is to a professional who knows how to operate safely, effectively and properly

​To decide upon which treatment is most suitable for you, we offer Complimentary Consultations on all aspects of Skin Concerns and Hair removal.