Coolifting The Instant Facelift

Coolifting the instant facelift

Facial wrinkle attenuation and facial rejuvenating have always been the plastic surgery corner stone. Previously, proposed treatments combined long sessions with poor results or very minimal results with traumatic and invasive procedures. But the rules of the game have changed: CooLifting® futuristic technology is here. It is a simple, fast and effective treatment that introduces a new anti-aging concept. It reaches spectacular results using a unique, innovative, non-invasive and effective device to fight wrinkles and help facial rejuvenating. The Coolifting® gun works by firing a powerful CO2 flow into the tissues combined with a very high concentration of sprayed actives at a very high pressure and low temperature.

CooLifting® treatment generates a double effect. The first effect, immediate results (lifting), smoothen the skin while superficial and deep wrinkles are eliminated. The second effect, lasting results (rejuvenating), see intense stimulation of collagen and elastin, dermis regeneration and improvement of skin texture and quality achieved. The cold CO2 is expelled with the sprayed active and a high application pressure. Treatment can be a stand alone or as an add on, for a special occasion or a truly hydrating experience after a long flight, illness or neglect. A course of 6-8 treatments is recommended over 3-4 weeks.



Coolifting Face 30 min | $150
Coolifting Face and Neck 45 min | $275
Coolifting Face only with Facial 1 h | $250
Coolifting Face and Neck with Facial  90 min | $350

The Coolifting Facial combines the best of both worlds with the luxury of a facial comprising of Microdermabrasion, a mild skin peel to exfoliate dry skin cells and allow for greater effect from the Coolifting effect. The facial is then combined with a luxurious face and décolletage massage – the results and feeling are divine!