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About nbskin & Nuala Briggs

Well known Beauty and Laser Therapist Nuala Briggs pioneered the use of IPL and Foto Facial Treatments in 1999 at her Skin Care Clinic in Harley street London.


Now Nuala brings her expertise, knowledge and up-to-the-minute treatments to Perth where she has relocated to be closer to family. Her passion for helping others with skin rejuvenation, the removal of red veins, pigment spots and unwanted hair remains.


Nuala can now offer the revolutionary BBL & SHR treatments at her well appointed clinic in East Fremantle where treatments are carried out on a one-on-one basis in complete privacy. 


Nuala's clinic, nbskin, is one of the first to offer FotoFacial®, FotoFacial®—AgeDelay™ FotoFacial® Clear™ (ACNE) and SHR (super hair removal), HAIR v GO treatments, HIFU Face Lifting and PLACO - Plasma Cosmetic


Among her many qualification Nuala has studied with the pioneer of these new technologies, Dr. Patrick Bitter Jr in the US. She also studied BTEC Laser and Light and Associated Aesthetic Therapies at Loughborough University.


Nuala follows the strictest and safest procedures in a professional manner while also making sure her clients feel relaxed, safe and cared for. Over her many years of experience she has successfully treated thousands of grateful clients.